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Art, history and agriculture
Length 18 km
Start FS Corbetta-Santo Stefano Ticino station
at the train station
How to get there
From Milan Porta Garibaldi station: to Corbetta-Santo Stefano Ticino
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A special circuit, slightly different from the three others, dedicated to Corbetta - reached by train at the Corbetta-Santo Stefano Ticino station. A remarkable town in the province of Milan, boasting a gorgeous city centre to walk or cycle through, taking the time to enjoy the palaces, villas, gardens, towers and churches that display its history - before exiting the town amongst fields and farmlands along the canals, in a landscape so typical of the region's farmed flats.

The elegant summer mansions of noble and wealthy Milanese families - some of them with farmhouses annexed - were built in the 17th century, taking advantage of the Naviglio Grande canal nearby.

Along the itinerary, the Fontanile di Castellazzo stands out like a magic view.

Corbetta Santo Stefano Ticino

La segnaletica è stata realizzata dalla società e.on per la qualifica del LET3 quale “Circuito dell’energia efficiente”.

Ha inoltre partecipato attivamente al progetto: Parco Agricolo Sud Milano

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